hell yeah
Yeah, so, ask us shit.
hello and goodbye my good gentlemen

TG: well hello and goodbye to you too anon

TT: Truly, a fine gent.

TG: indeed

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TG: well is anybody gonna ASK anything

TG: this blog kinda flourishes on asks




TG: anyways

TG: yeah

TG: ask away

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TT: No.

TT: No.

TT: I’m fuckin’ done.

TT: April Fool’s is over.

TT: I’m fuckin’ done.

TT: All these assholes on campus, need to fucking leave.

TT: I’m.

TT: Wow.

TT: I just.

TG: hahah

TG: i hope you like the fact that you woke up egged

TG: you egg

TT: Dude. It’s fucking Sunday now. It’s not even Tuesday anymore.

TT: That means—

TT: No more fucking April Fool’s.

TT: I’m done, Dave.

TT: I’m done.

TG: dude where are you

TG: dude

TG: dirk pls

TG: dont walk out the fuckin door

TG: this could be us but u playin

TG: yknow like

TG: both of us in the same room

TG: dude

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TG: dirk


TT: What.


TT: What now.

TT: Is there another crack in the screen?

TT: Or…

TT: Shit, were you searching around on my desktop again!?


TG: wait

TG: what does that mean

TT: Nothing, this is another warning.

TT: I’m going to be watching you.

TT: Like a hawk.

TG: …

TT: What the fuck did you want to tell me?


TG: yknow how we kind of

TG: adopted

TG: this blog from a much older blog right

TT: Yes?

TG: i finally

TG: went back

TG: and deleted



TT: And how long did that take you exactly?

TG: what like an hour maybe

TT: Great job. You could have had your Trig homework done by now, maybe even started that one essay you’ve still got to do.

TG: ehem excuse me this is much more important

TG: its so clean and pristine

TG: and its all fucking ours

TG: see i told you i do most of the blog work

TG: motherfucker

TT: Deleting around a hundred and seventy-five posts from a blog that we barely touch is more important than a twenty-page paper due… What, in two days?

TG: uh

TG: yeah

TG: of course

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TT: Please.

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TT: Just a little shout-out.

TT: We’re reopening the askbox for a bit, just to pass time while we finish answering all the things in the box. Looking at the same questions over and over, though needing to be dealt with, is kind of dull on the eyes.

TT: Ask away, everyone.

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TG: dirks my secret model

TG: dont tell

TG: <3

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TG: i mean i guess it perceives which hot youre going for

TG: is it steamy sweaty clothes sticking to your back uncomfortably and wettly hot?

TG: is it i would totally fuck that hot?

TG: or is it just microwave heated hot

TT: Pretty sure it means burning-sand-creeping-up-your-ass hot.

TT: Whatever you’d classify that as.

TG: …yeah id fuck that

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TG: hey hey hey how you guys diggin the new blog redo thingamajigger

TG: all done myself

TT: Fucking liar.

TT: We got Callie to draw that for us, remember?


TG: how could you

TG: being my brother and not taking the credit for something that isnt yours that you own anyway

TG: that being said i was also the one to do allllll of the blog editing

TT: First of all, taking the credit for something that isn’t yours is either, A) Plagiarism, or, B) Stealing.

TT: And neither of those things are good.

TT: Second of all, actually you’ve got a point there.

TT: You didn’t do 100% of it though. I was the one messing with the HTML codes.

TG: okay yeah well i uploaded the background and the fonts and the colors and HEY LOOK I POST ALL THE STUFF

TT: A true hipster’s dream.

TG: shut up monkey fucker youre a hipster too

TG: anyhow check it everybody this stuff is all legit and hella flashy too

TG: fucking delicious

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TG: dirk pls

TG: you just hijacked an answer about GRAMMAR

TG: arent you like

TG: sensually into that shit

TT: Perhaps, but I’m also “sensually” into embarrassing you.

TT: And, I will state now to the origin of this question, buy one Stride, get one free.

TG: oh my god you huge assdick

TG: instead of preying on other people like a giant creep why dont you just suck yourself

TT: Because that would be terribly rude when the offer is right in front of my face, Dave.

TG: did you just fucking scoff

TG: dont scoff at me

TG: hiss

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